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Internationally renowned Dr Paula Hall has been supporting people struggling to beat porn & compulsive sex behaviours for over 20 years, providing a wide range of therapy, training and support services. She’s built a successful practice and a large team of therapists in the UK, with others delivering her proven methodology around the world. 

A widely published author of several books and peer-reviewed papers, she is regularly invited to appear on National TV & radio, as well as in newspapers and magazines to lend an expert opinion on the big issues around porn and sex.


Since 2008, thousands of lives have been positively impacted by Paula's work in the field of porn and sex addiction. Which is excellent for those that can afford it, but there are any number of others who can’t. So Pivotal Recovery is the result of many years of planning and Paula’s vision to ensure anyone unable to access traditional sex addiction therapy has an accessible, low-cost alternative.

Following the success of her Kick Start Recovery Programme, Paula has fully updated, revised and expanded the content to create the Pivotal Recovery course; making her proven treatment strategies accessible in a powerful new format.  Now many more people can begin their journey to turn their lives around when pornography use or compulsive sexual behaviours feel out of control.

Profits from Pivotal Recovery CIC are given to organisations whose charitable objectives are aimed at helping people struggling with porn addiction, sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviours and supporting those who care for them. This includes charities who undertake research, campaign to raise public and government awareness, or provide education and educational resources.

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